We provide design consultancy services to help you build appropriate wastewater treatment systems such as reed bed filters or constructed wetlands. In order to protect the receiving environment, to comply with European regulations but also to keep maintenance costs low, we can assist you through all steps of your project:
> On any public or private projects, to draw a preliminary draft, investigate feasibility etc.
> As a partner on a public tender, if you’re a prime contractor or a builder, to make final drawings, quantity take-offs, technical specifications etc.
We are keen to work close with our partners and clients to ensure that their systems meet their needs, perform properly, require low maintenance and are built in a sustainable way. We also guarantee purification efficiency.
We have completed more than a 100 projects over the years in France. Do not hesitate to consult our references to choose the most suitable option for your needs.


Planting & Training Courses

We supply wetland plants to suit your particular needs and carry out the full planting job for you.
The most commonly used plants are hedgerows, helophytes (common reed -Phragmites australis-, reed canary grass -Phalaris arundinacea-, yellow flag -Iris pseudacorus-…) and trees (willows, alders…).
In order to raise awareness in the local environment, we offer one-day workshops to community groups that wish to learn more about planting.
We also deliver technical courses to operators, specifiers and end-users. We believe that high quality training enhances project development.

Atelier Reeb also offers tailor-made information and educational panels as well as educational path.

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For more than 20 years, since 1992, when Atelier Reeb was founded, we have developed considerable experience, and nationwide partnerships.
We work on a regular basis with more than 20 construction and engineering companies in France and we are not bound by any exclusive or distribution contract.
It enables us to offer tailor-made and low-cost solutions for every new project.


Atelier Reeb is looking for more partners througout Europe. Wether you work as a building contractors, a sanitation company or a local entrepreneur, we can help you build Reed Bed Filters in your geographic area.

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Etienne Dantan
Technical Manager & Joint Manager

Consultancy & Planting

Environmental Engineer, Franche-Comté University


Nathalie Mettling GB
Project Manager & Joint Manager

Consultancy & Planting

Training :
Industrial & Environmental Engineer, Engineering School in Nancy (ESSTIN)


Bruno Chausson DE GB
Project Manager

Consultancy & Planting

Training :
Sciences & Environmental Engineer, Strasbourg University


Adèle Pignaz
Administrative Assistant

Administrative Monitoring

Training :
Extensive experience in public procurement management,

especially working with Fluor & Arx architects’ office.

profil-scopSince may 2014, ATELIER REEB has changed legal status to Worker Cooperative : the company belongs to its employees. The founding values are a democratic management, one man = one vote, but also equitable sharing of knowledge, profits, and risks. More information on this ‘COOP’ status.
profil-contactOur team will be glad to answer all your enquiries. Do not hesitate to get in touch.


Driven by the desire of fighting against the phenomena of local pollution, Atelier Reeb was established in 1992. With a constant concern for increasing water quality, the use of wetland plants to support biological treatment, and the designing of FlowForm© fountains are two examples of its area of expertise. Atelier Reeb is a pioneer and militant company in a sector which has experienced a strong growth in France these last 8 years. Today it has renowned expertise and considerable experience on an increasingly competitive market. Faithful to its principles, it provides simple to operate, inexpensive & self-sustaining systems.