Atelier Reeb specialises in the design and installation of reed bed filters for wastewater treatment. Whether dealing with domestic sewage or with industrial effluents, we, at Atelier Reeb, are committed to meet our clients’ specific needs, by designing systems with “low energy input, low maintenance requirement, and high performance”.
Atelier Reeb has been a pioneer in promoting buffer zones, also known as vegetated filter zones or artificial wetlands. Combining storage and evapotranspiration mechanisms, this specific landscaping can lead to zero discharge in specific period of the year (usually summer when the surrounding environment is the most sensitive). Buffers zones are a complementary treatment and a successful approach for water quality protection.
FlowForm© fountains are directly born out of the Flowform© water research demonstrating that streaming water generates rhythmic patterns, and that recreating those patterns improves water life-supporting capacity and quality. We, at Atelier Reeb, design, install and believe in the FlowForm© fountains’ benefits. They are also attractive ornamental fountains appropriate for both private gardens and public parks.